The Secret Whatsapp Sales Funnel No One Told You About..


The year 2020 will definitely be a promising year for WhatsApp, most especially WhatsApp for Business, because the company its set to wow the messaging industry with ground-features...

According to Mark Zuckerberg..

People like messenger. We use messaging apps more than open social networks, we prefer private messages to public posts, and more people are jumping on messaging each day”.

The introduction of WhatsApp business gave businesses a privilege to be close to their customers and engage them directly on their favourite channel. With this simple funnel, your business can speak the language of the customer and get heard, and your business can market customers on a platform that has about 98% open rate on all messages. One of the main benefits of using this WhatsApp funnel is that, it helps you understand your customers better and minimizes your chances of getting objections.

The logical sequence in which the funnel was built with will give you a thorough understanding of your customers and strategically position your business for massive sales. The WhatsApp funnel will enable you to uncover the needs of your prospects before selling to them, and align your products to their needs. The funnel will also let you weed out uninterested prospects, so you can channel your energy and resource to the right prospects that are interested in your offering.



The Ultimate Sales Funnel..

1. Database of Contacts

 Unlike Facebook messenger that you can easily add up someone and message, Whatsapp is a unique platform that needs the contact of your client before you can message them.

The big question is how do you get their contacts?

You can get contacts through: adding your WhatsApp contact on all your social media handles, by running Facebook click-to-chat ads, through giveaways for anyone that would chat your business and many more.

You need to be creative in getting contacts.

2. Personalized Offer:

After building your database of contacts, you can start crafting a personalized offer.

The personalised offer is simply a custom message tailored specifically to your potential clients showcasing what you intend selling.

When creating the offer, its important that its interesting and persuasive enough to get adequate response from your client.

3. WhatsApp Message

When sending the offer as a WhatsApp message, you need to ensure that the message is;

a. Timely: Timing is very effective in business, because you need to know when your customer is in a relaxed state to buy and also when your item is needed

b. Has Clarity: When creating your offer or writing your copy, try as much as possible to maintain clarity. Too much vague grammar would easily piss off your client.

c. Persuasive: Your message should be able to make your client believe that your product its what he needs at the moment to feel good or avoid pain.

4. Conversion

 its when the customer has successfully made the purchase or signed up for your offer, depends on how you measure conversion.

Payment feature has been rolled out in India and few other countries, be rest assured that soon enough it will be available in yours too.

But you can accept payment through bank transfer or PayPal also depends on the one best suitable for you.

Bonus Tip

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new customer, therefore stopping after conversion will only eliminate your chances of repeat-purchase or future patronage.

After conversion, send the client a Thank-you appreciating them for the purchase, it gives the client a feeling that you still care about him and his money.

Also through the particular item the customer purchased, you can suggest another item you have that you feel the customer will love too.

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