At Last! The Real Secret WhatsApp Funnel Blueprint is Revealed

A Funnel Blueprint That Almost Nobody Knows About. It’s An Easy Guide To Turning Your WhatsApp Into An Automated Sales Machine, Your Contacts Into Paying Customers And WhatsApp Status Into a 24/7 Salesman.

what you'll learn

WhatsApp Business

You'll learn why WhatsApp Business is a goldmine for you business and how to mine its gold.

Building a Brand

You'll learn about the ABC's of building a personal brand on WhatsApp and why it matters to business.

WhatsApp Funnel

Discover my entire funnel process and strategies that have made me tons of cash and helped me in generating customers on demand.

Accepting Payment

You'll learn how to create a payment page using PayStack and accept payments on WhatsApp from anywhere.

Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Legally STEAL my exact WhatsApp-ads creation process that is built to last... to help you sign more customers.

Timeless Strategies

You’ll get to learn ALL my valuable WhatsApp hacks, tips, and tricks that no one else is teaching out there openly.

Things to Aviod

You'll learn about the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make on WhatsApp and how to avoid them.

final Thoughts

Final thoughts from the author on the future of WhatsApp and the reasons why now is the best time to start.

The blueprint your business needs...

Use the blueprint in unlocking the timeless sales secrets of WhatsApp. The blueprint will enable you to…

Author spotlight

Victor Akujuo is the principal consultant of Vassion Media, with invaluable experience in digital marketing, strategy, web design, content creation and business development.  He has worked with several local and international brands in areas of strategy positioning and web development.

Victor Akujuo

What our Readers say!

I didn't know there's more to squeeze to out from WhatsApp than a mere chit-chat sessions...but now I've learned a ton of different strategies to incorporate into my personal brand and business.
Brianiac Williams
In this book, Victor did a breakdown analysis of how anyone can leverage the power of WhatsApp marketing, not just for messaging but also in building a business as well as a unique personal brand.
Victor chinedu
Victor Chinedu
Wow wow wow, this book is a game-changer indeed. Kudos Victor. I will recommend this e-book again and again to any serious minded entrepreneur, willing to make more sales via WhatsApp Business.
Emeka Collins


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The strategies explained in this book are super effective in generating sales and attractive customers, and has been proven in several industries and countries. 

Yes it can. It can work in any industry as long as your want more customers for your business or brand. The book is 100% practical.

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