The Secret Whatsapp Sales Funnel No One Told You About..


The year 2020 will definitely be a promising year for WhatsApp, most especially WhatsApp for Business, because the company its set to wow the messaging industry with ground-features...

According to Mark Zuckerberg

People like Messenger. We use messaging apps more than open social networks, we prefer private messages to public posts, and more people are jumping on messaging each day”.

The introduction of WhatsApp Business gave businesses a privilege to be close to their customers and engage them directly on their favourite channel. With WhatsApp Sales Funnel, your business can take it a bit further to build trust and ultimately increase sales.

Not just that, they can market customers on a platform that has about a 98% open rate on messages. One of the main benefits of building a WhatsApp funnel is that it helps you understand your customers better and minimizes your chances of getting objections.

This article will teach you how to create WhatsApp Sales Funnel and why it matters to your business growth. 

It will help you to address the different touchpoints of your customers at every step of their journey. You’ll also be able to uncover the needs of your customers after going through this funnel.

The Ultimate Sales Funnel.

whatsapp sales funnel

1. Database of Contacts

WhatsApp is not like other social media platforms where you can quickly run ads to get leads and contact. On WhatsApp, you need the phone number of your clients and prospects before you can message them. There’s just no way around it.

Even though you manage to buy a contact list, which is not advisable – people still have a choice to either allow your message or block you for invading their privacy. WhatsApp is strict on privacy-related matters and wouldn’t hesitate to blacklist any WhatsApp account with many spam reports.

The best way to grow your database of contact is to earn it. You earn it by offering value. The value can come in the form of discounts, delivering superior Content, giveaways, CRM software platforms, and so much more. To know more about growing your database of contacts, click here.

2. Personalized Offer:

After building your database of contacts, what next? It’s time to create your offer.

Say, a personalized offer is a juicy proposition that sells your products and services by highlighting its key benefits and features. It clearly explains what your prospects stand to gain by buying your product.

An offer is one of the essential elements in marketing. Your level of sales and patronage is dependent on how you create and position your offer. It’s also a critical aspect of your WhatsApp Sales Funnel.

3. WhatsApp Message

A WhatsApp message is how you send your offer to your prospects or clients. It could be in the form of text, audio, or video.

Here are some essential things to consider when sending a WhatsApp message.

a. Timely: Timing is very crucial in business. Sales happen when the right message is received at the right time by your customers. You need to know the right time to message your clients to get the response you desire.

b. Has Clarity: When creating your offer or writing your copy, try as much as possible to maintain clarity. Clarity trumps persuasion. Too much vague grammar and industry jargon will only piss your customers; avoid it.

c. Persuasive: As much as your message should be clear, it should also be persuasive. Amplify the benefits of your products so well that a customer can hardly ignore buying from you. Persuade, don’t hype.

4. Conversion

Conversion takes place when the customer has taken the desired action. It might be a purchase, email signup, event registration, and so on.

It’s what crowns it all. WhatsApp has rolled up its payment feature in some selected countries like India, Brazil, and others. You can accept payments via bank wire, Paystack, or Paypal if WhatsApp payments are not yet activated in your region.

Your WhatsApp Sales funnel never complete without having conversion.

Bonus Tip

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. Continuously seek ways to present valuable offers to your current customers to increase your sales.

After conversion, send the client a Thank-you appreciating your customer for the purchase. It gives the client a feeling that you still care about them and their money.

By the way, you can learn more about WhatsApp Sales Funnel and how you can use it to transform your business using my practical WhatsApp Sales Funnel Blueprint blueprint. Click the button below to get your copy.

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