3 New WhatsApp Features Proven To Double Your Profit In 2020


The year 2020 will definitely be a promising year for WhatsApp, most especially WhatsApp for Business, because the company its set to wow the messaging industry with ground-features..

During the recent Facebook’s annual developers conference- F8 2019, the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed a lot about the future of its platform most especially its most used messaging app, WhatsApp. Over the years WhatsApp has been a causal messaging apps until January 2018 when they launched WhatsApp Business for small business and ever since then the company has been adding great features to enable both businesses and individual utilize the platform.

Brace up, WhatsApp is set to blow your mind.

The year 2020 will definitely be a promising year for WhatsApp, most especially WhatsApp for Business, because the company its set to wow the messaging industry with ground-features for businesses and advertisers.

Join us on this awesome ride as we reveal the 3 WhatsApp salient features that is proven to scale your business in 2020

1. WhatsApp Status (Stories) Ads:

This is an exciting news for advertisers and business owners because with WhatsApp ads on stories they will be able to advertise their goods and services on a platform with over 450 million daily active users. Such a huge reach.

WhatsApp Status Ads
WhatsApp Status Ads

“We are going to be putting ads in Status. That is going to be [the] primary monetisation model for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp,” VP Chris Daniels told reporters in New Delhi.

Business Takeaway: Businesses come up with creative ways of getting the database their customers to enable them effectively advertise and send personalized offers to their customers to suit their needs. And the easiest way to get customer database its by adding a WhatsApp chat plugin to your website, you can reach out to Vassion Media for more insights.

2. WhatsApp For Business Product Catalogue:

This feature will be a game-changer in mobile commerce space, because its simply brings an online store to your favorite messaging application. With the WhatsApp product catalogue users can conveniently browse through the list of a company’s products, select the product of their choice and even make purchase without leaving the app.

WhatsApp Product Catalogue
WhatsApp Product Catalogue

When speaking at the conference Mark Zuckerberg said , “This is going to be especially important for all of the small businesses out there that don’t have a web presence, and that are increasingly using private social platforms is their main way of interacting with their customers.” One of the aim of this feature is to give small businesses a platform that enables them sell and market their product in less or no cost.

Business Takeaway: This presents a huge a huge opportunity for businesses, especially product-base businesses adding their WhatsApp contacts to their complementary cards, gift items, websites and on their promotion. And also by encouraging customers to message them on WhatsApp by offering discounts and coupons. It will give the business a leverage so when the feature is introduced, as the customers can comfortably continue the process.

3. Rich Message Format Option:

Google’s DoubleClick studio defines rich message as “a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content.”

WhatsApp Rich Message
WhatsApp Rich Message

WhatsApp For Business is rolling out rich message format option on its app to enable users send text alongside pictures, videos, documents and even pdf’s. This is real cool for business and service-based businesses.

Business Takeaway:

Influencers, leaders and service-based businesses will benefit more from this feature because it will give them the ability to easily convey their message using any format that best resonates with their audience, which i think its marketing is at its peak.

Start preparing today with your team on how you can benefit from these great feature. Need more light to be shed on this interest, Vassion Media is here to always assist with a great strategic plan put in place for your benefit and publicity.

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