10 Reasons Why Today Is The Best Time In History To Own A Website


Many questions keep plaguing the minds of most entrepreneurs and business owners. Do i really need a website to grow my business?

Many questions keep plaguing the minds of most entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Do I really need a website to grow my business? 

It’s it too late to own a website? 

It’s a website really worth the investment? 

This article is intended to answer every one of your questions and clear your doubts concerning having a website and how it benefits your business or personal brand. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into reasons why now is the best time in the history of the internet to own a website. 

1. Internet Users Are Growing by Millions Every Day 

According to Global Digital Reports, a whopping total of a million people around the world is coming online each day, out of which 3.5 billion people are engaged on social media.  

Now imagine!! Imagine your business on a platform that is growing exponentially every single day. Imagine the exposure and visibility your business or brand can get by simply been on the internet.  And still, with these numbers the internet has no signs of stopping soon.

Taking your business to the internet gives you exponential leverage to grow and scale up your business. 

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2. People Are Constantly Searching For Information Online. 

As at the time of writing this article, Google stats show that over 3.5 billion searches made on Google (alone) per day and about 1.2 trillion searches worldwide per year. Read that figure again. Remember that the statistics presented above are for Google alone, other search engines were not captured. 

No matter the industry you operate, what you sell, the services you render someone is busy searching for it on Google.  A Website helps you to better position your business on search results using the right keywords and algorithm to enable visitors and clients to easily find you. 

3. People Are More Willing To Spend Money Online 

E-commerce trends have skyrocketed in recent times, more people are now willing more than ever to purchase their favorite products from online stores. It was estimated that in 2018, a total of 1.8 billion people purchased goods online worldwide and its project increase by 2019.

If you’re selling physical products, now is the best time to take your business online. Shoppers are constantly spending online and the willingness to spend online is increasing for the first time in history. The earlier you take your business online, the earlier you can grow your brand and be better-positioned for business.


Source: Smart Insights

4. Google is Consistently Matching Searches with Relevant Results

People locate a website on the internet either through typing the domain directly or by searching for a piece of information related to the website. When someone searches for information, Google suggests all websites related to that information online to enable the user to choose the one that best appeals to his taste.

Danny Sullivan explained that “When you come to Google search, our main goal is to connect you with useful information as quickly as possible”   Your website has an equal chance with every other website on getting seen by potential clients through search. Your business too has the potential to be found by the millions of people searching for your product or service, isn’t that amazing!!! 

5. Google “Near Me” Searches are on the Increase

If you’re operating a business by your small neighborhood and wondering how all of these would enable you to reach more local customers, think no more I’ve got you covered.  Google has a free tool that enables users to reach local businesses around their neighborhood by searching with the phrase “near me”. For instance, you can search with “restaurants near me” to get the restaurants in your locality. 

You can read more: Google My Business With a website and Google My Business page, you can better position your business for people in your locality to discover you do and easily patronize you.

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Source: GrowWithGoogle

6. You Can Easily Grow Your Business Worldwide Through Partnership

Considering the growth of the internet, It is for the first time in history now easy to expand your business to a foreign country (with loss cost) by just having a website. Unlike the early 1900s where you will have to pass through the stress and huge cost of traveling to a foreign country, staying for a couple of months seeking partnership. 

With a website, you can easily source for foreign partners and also be found by partners too seeking to expand to your location. With all your company details on your website, it becomes easy to strike a partnership deal and expand to another country from the comfort of your home. 

7. Most Of Your Competitors Are Online 

According to Internet Live Stats there are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, and there are chances that your competitors are among that number. To better compete and win over your customers, you need a great website that is properly differentiated from that of your competitors. You can’t afford to lose more clients to your competitors, you can’t afford to play locally in a global space and you can’t afford to be insignificant in an age of visibility. 

It was because of the excellency of our craft and presence on the internet that enable us to be featured among the top small business and b2b website companies

8. Increase In User Time Spent On The Internet 

An average internet user spends 6 hours and 42 minutes each day on the internet. This is a huge number considering the busy schedule of most people.  Think with me!! Imagine what an internet user does on the internet for 6 whopping hours. It’s basically searching for information as you may guess, imagine been found when searching for information related to your business and patronizing you. 

Having a website puts you in a better position of been found by your potential client, so amazing. You can get clients by just having a website (with the right keywords and information) on the internet.

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9. It Will Create Loyal Clients To Your Brand

A Website creates loyal clients to your brand and enables your users to easily trust and connect with your brand. It is estimated that 59% of shoppers prefer to buy new products from brands they trust (Invesp).  The easiest way for a customer to trust a brand it’s by seeing the brand across various online platforms and social network.

A Website crowns it up because when intelligently built and optimized, all the necessary information that a customer needs to make a purchase decision will be accessed from one place. “48% percent of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business” as discovered by Blue Cornond. A website enables you to connect deeply with clients and build instant trust. 

10. Increase in Overall Sales 

According to web reports, 62% of companies increased their sales by designing responsive mobile platforms for their websites.  One of the main benefits of a website lies in its ability to exponentially increase your business from point 1 to point 20. 

No one can say for sure what the future holds, but by having a website and a strategy that can easily adapt and respond to new channels, you will be able to meet whatever the future holds- heads on. This is incredibily important in staying ahead of competition and gaining a strong market share. 

Whatever sales you’re having now, just imagine doubling it just having a presence on the internet. 


You need to seize this moment and make a decision your business would be proud of. The right time is NOW.


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