Turn Your Website Into a High-Performing Salesman With These Easy Tricks..


Do you know the most frustrating thing about having a website? Its either having no traffic or having no visitor take action.

Do you know the most frustrating thing about having a website?

It’s either having no traffic on your website, or having no visitor is taking the required action needed on your website.

After spending thousands of naira or dollars developing a website and having the excitement of having presence on the web only to realize that your analytics dashboard is always showing zero users. It’s so frustrating and hummiliating i must admit.

Not to worry, it’s not too late to turn your website into a high-performing salesman. Sit back and sip your warm coffee as we go through these easy tricks that will instantly power-up your website.

Trick 1: Make it Simple


Yes!! Simple.  I know you want great and dope designs that would position your brand as top-notch in your industry, but the rule of simplicity is a goldmine when it comes to user-experience and satisfaction

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo DaVinci

Please don’t make it difficult for your users to understand the message you’re trying to pass across, make it as easy as possible. Web users always get frustrated when they have to spend a reasonable amount of time searching for a particular button or a given information they need to take action on your website.

Website statistics
Source: Hubspot.com

Use clear pictures, bold call-to-action buttons and simple layout to achieve this. When people find it easy to take a particular action on your website, they find it easy to trust your brand and after trust come sales (Money).

Trick 2: Optimize your Web Copy


Copy simply means your website contents, contents about your website or about the services you offer. Pulling traffic to your website without first optimizing your web content for your target market is a huge waste of resources.

You must put your house in order before inviting visitors. Make a checklist of all the action you want your intended user to take on your website, make sure the buttons are working properly and the content is receptive enough before proceeding with ads. How do you optimize your copy?

  • Know your target Audience: Your business can’t be built for everybody; you have to know your market (audience). Knowing your target audience is the most crucial step you need to take. Our team here in vassion media can help you analyse your target market and create a great website.
  • Appeal to their Needs: After knowing who they are, you need to write to meet their specific needs. Always let the first impression when a user visit your website, give that user a reason to stay and return on your website.
  • Use Novelty to Conserve Attention: Use a strange picture or question to arouse user curiosity on your homepage. Using novelty will leave the user yearning for more.

According to Key findings from a recent Google study, users’ first impression on a website is influenced by visual complexity and layout.  Both the visuals and copy should be optimized constantly with the end-user in mind.

Trick 3: Educate your Audience


If your website is about a new product, offering or service then it should be able to educate your users about both the importance of your product and how it will change their lives.

Zig Ziglar

Let’s face the fact; nobody wants to be sold to. If all the contents on your website is only pointing towards how to squeeze out money from your clients pocket, It won’t work. Kindness is one of the most underrated business strategies. Always start with educating your audience on how your product can change their lives and business and also how your offerings can make their life’s easier. If done properly, users on your website would easily buy and take the required action you want, because you have showed them how much your care about their needs and business.


TRICK 3: Include a Call-to-Action


The main essence of a website is for users to take action, the action could be in form of booking a meeting, signing up, requesting for a quote or a making a purchase. Whatsoever action you want your user to take on your website, it is crucial that you put that button on relevant places on your website.

Most especially on your homepage, after stating the services you offer and your value proposition make sure to include a call-to-action button underneath it. These will enable your user to easily click on where necessary.

According to funnels expert Russell Brunson, every website and funnel should follow the AIDA sequence, which is: awareness, intrest, desire and action. Action comes last in the sequence, because after you always have to provide value upfront before asking for action from your users and action is required for coversion to take place. When implemented properly, these tricks could turn your website into a money-generating machine on both sales and clients.

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