5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Needs to Avoid on WhatsApp
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Avoiding these mistakes won’t only enable you to build a reliable brand on WhatsApp, but also increase your sales on WhatsApp. Ignore them at your peril.

On the 12th of February, WhatsApp announced reaching a milestone of one billion active users. Indeed this is a remarkable feat. The beauty of the WhatsApp is that it has incredible tools that empower SME’s in marketing their services as well as keeping in touch with their customers. Entrepreneurs aren’t fully utilizing those tools, and to assist in that regard, here are five mistakes entrepreneurs need to avoid on WhatsApp. 

1. Unnecessary Spamming

How do you feel when someone you just exchanged numbers with, starts sending waves of unnecessary broadcast and forwarded messages that are totally off your interest? Awful right?
When people entrust you with their WhatsApp number, it’s because you have earned their trust, and in maintaining that confidence, you need to be ethical in messaging them.
You can send broadcast messages maybe ones or twice a month, depends on some factors. The bottom line is to message according to the preferences and permission of the contact in question.    

2. Unexpected Calling

WhatsApp has multiple ways of communicating with your contacts, one of which is through voice calls. Unlike the regular phone calls that charge only the caller, WhatsApp calls involve the data of both parties involved.
Before you hop on a WhatsApp Voice Call with a prospect, it’s essential to ask the recipient if they currently open for voice calls. Asking will enable the recipient to self-access if they have the required data or network to get on the call.  

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3. Not Following Up

According to Jim Thomas, 80% of sales require five follow-ups after initial contact, but 44% of salespeople give up after one. Sending your newly added contact messages feels intimidating at times, but don’t be dissuaded.
They gave you their number either because they are interested in your products and services or they want to keep in touch. After taking their contact, message them first to notify them that you’ve saved their number and you would be staying in touch. Then you can be following up from there with periodic messages. 

4. Using Personal Number

 If you run a business or company, it is better to use a separate WhatsApp number for your business other than your number. It is crucial for a few reasons, some of which are in maintaining privacy, in better reflecting your brand on your profile, for professionalism and branding. 

5. Using Clients Contacts For Other Purposes

 How do you feel if after exchanging contacts with someone and the next thing you’re finding yourself on about three WhatsApp Groups that you didn’t consent? Most times, we feel like calling the person instantly and expressing our disappointments. Like, Who does that!!!

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Just because someone is interested in your product or services doesn’t mean they want to be on a WhatsApp group with other interested persons too. Having such an assumption is often misleading, always seek permission. Avoiding these mistakes won’t only enable you to build a reliable brand on WhatsApp, but also increase your sales on WhatsApp.

These mistakes are not limited to entrepreneurs, but can also be applied to WhatsApp chats with Friends and loved ones.

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